Live at Wachusett: Carinae (Hadley, MA)

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We are very proud to bring to you the first installment of our new live-in-studio video series, Live at Wachusett. This collaborative effort between Caitlin Indermaur and Mike Harmon strives to bring in artists from all over to perform in an intimate live setting captured through high quality audio and video.

Carinae - a psych rock band from Hadley MA

To kick off this whole video series, Caitlin had the wonderful idea of bringing in Carinae, a Psych-Rock band out of nearby Western Mass. Caitlin and Annie have a history from both working and playing shows together in the past, and we were psyched when we booked them to come in for a session. The band is no stranger to the recording process, having released a bunch of material that was all recorded DIY. These guys were great to work with, and we shot 3 songs live that night. I’m pretty sure we didn’t stop smiling the entire time!

Wachusett Recording: Tell us a little about yourselves. How did you guys start playing together?

Annie Bayer: The band started in the depths of a basement in Amherst, where our first songs got muffled by floor boards. As our sound progressed, we realized more and more the importance of the place that started it all and the inspirations that got us there. Hopping from one Hadley basement to another, our music is fueled by the dancers, the singers, and listeners who come to the basement dwellings.

WR: What is your songwriting process like? Musicially, lyrically, narratively?

AB: So… it goes a little something like this. Kasey brings the pounding, wiggly animal sounds. Calvin does some watery, cosmic, flare jams, Annie does some light, bright and gritty bird calls, while Luke and Gabe do some steel, rhythmic, jungle beats.

WR: Tell us a little about the band’s experience with a DIY approach to your music. You guys host shows, make your own art, recording, etc. Why?

AB: It’s all about the community this (Pioneer) Valley holds. And with that community comes motivation to keep creating and to keep sharing. There is a sense of wholeness in our art when we create it ourselves. We have written it together and recorded it with friends. We’ve played for young and old, and played with other creative folks who have also found that the best way to spread their music is through each other. The people that listen, play, create, and support are the catalyst to that underground movement. There is a satisfaction that comes with doing it ourselves that is unobtainable any other way, and this is the creativity needed to build something from the ground up. The reliance is on ourselves – rather than an untouchable group of people that are fueled by income instead of inspiration.

WR: Rock on. Thanks guys!


Bury My Feet


Recorded live at Wachusett Recording Co. on May 4th, 2015

Camera Operators: Caitlin Indermaur, Alex Cowan, Mike Harmon

Engineered by Mike Harmon and Brendan Roche

Video Editing by Caitlin Indermaur

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