Fender Bass VI

Fender P Bass Lyte

Univox Scroll Violin Bass

1960's Vox Cougar Hollowbody Bass

1939 Kay M1W Upright Bass


1970's Baldwin Spinet Piano

1959 Hammond M3 w/ Leslie 125

Wurlitzer 203W

Rhodes 73 Mark II

Nord Piano 1

Roland Juno-106

Roland JX-10

Arp Pro Soloist

Moog Opus 3

Suzuki Omnichord

Children's Toy Baby Grand Piano


3pc. DW Performer’s Series (13”, 16”, 22”)

3pc. 1968 Premier 202 Drum Set (12”, 16”, 20”)

3pc. 1970's Ludwig Drum Set (12”, 14”, 18” kick)

26” 1960’s Ludwig Marching Bass Drum

Snare drums from Ludwig, Tama, Noble & Cooley, Premier, Pearl, Gretsch, and more

Zildjian K, A customs

Sabian HHX Series

Various Percussion instruments

Electric Guitars

Danelectro 12-string electric

Fender American Stratocaster (2)

Fender Musicmaster 1975

Fender Coronado 1962

Fender Jaguar

Fender Jazzmaster (2)

Fugijen 335

Gibson Les Paul Studio

Gibson Les Paul Custom 1978

Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop

Gibson Les Paul Standard

Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet

Harmony Rocket 1970's

Okerlund Lutherie Opus VI (Custom)

Rickenbacker 360 12-string

Rogue Electric Sitar

Silvertone 1423

acoustic instruments

Gibson J-50 Acoustic

Martin OM laminate back & sides

Washburn Parlour Guitar

Regal Resonator Guitar

The Loar F-style Mandolin

5 string Washburn Banjo

Vintage Accordion