Overdrive Distortion fuzz

Analogman King of Tone 

Colour Jumbo Tonebender Fuzz

Custom Fuzz 

Custom Boost 

DOD Boneshaker Distortion

DOD Compressor /280

Donner Morpher

EHX Big Muff Pi

EHX OpAmp Big Muff

Fender Blender

Ibanez TS-808 w/ Keeley Mod

Klon Centaur Clone

Mosky Black Rat Distortion

Mosky Golden Horse

Mosky B-Box Preamp 

Mosky Fuzzface

Mosky MM Silver Overdrive 

Pigtronix Philosopher King

Visual Sound Open Road Overdrive

Zvex Fuzz Probe

Delay modulation reverbs etc.

A/DA Flanger

Boss HF-2 Flanger

Boss RV-3 Reverb/Delay

Boss RV-5 Reverb/Delay

DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay

Donner Wah Cry

Dunlop Crybaby Wah

EBS Triple Tremolo Controller 

Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master 

EHX Memory Boy Analog Delay

EHX Synth 9

EHX The Clone Theory

Foxrox Octron

Radioshack Electronic Reverb

Vox Stereo Fuzz-Wah