We love getting down and dirty with writing & song arrangements, tightening the rhythm section, stacking vocal harmonies, adding ear candy, and all the other bells & whistles.

Past Production Clients


Recording massive drum sounds & crunchy guitars, making vocals sit right in a mix, capturing the natural sounding acoustics of a room, analog audio processing, twisting the knobs to make the hits. We’ve got the nerd stuff covered.

Past Engineering Clients


Balancing song-to-song to ensure that your music is compatible and ready for release across all physical and digital platforms. You know, that “mysterious final step” before your record hits the streets.

Past Mastering Clients

Curious about something that’s not listed here?

We’ve got a lot of other tools in our belt, so if there’s something that you’re curious about or need help with - don’t hesitate to reach out! Over the years we’ve worked on projects that include: audio restoration/archiving, field recording, audio for visual, analog/digital transfers, and more. Contact us.